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Counselling for young people

Transitioning into adults can be complex at times and difficult emotions, relationship issues, sexuality, stress and anxiety, go along during this changing time. Family and friend can be a helpful support, but when this is not enough some counselling may be needed.


I can provide an opportunity for young people to discuss any difficulties with me as a trained and independent therapist, to address problems at home, with friends, in the community, at school, college or work.  I can help with many different issues helping a young person to better understand their thoughts, feelings and emotions, and find ways to cope with the challenges of life.


I offer each young person the opportunity to meet with me initially to see if counselling is right for them.  They can ask questions about the process and see how they feel.  Counselling should be voluntary, and no young people should be made to attend.


I meet with both parents (if possible) and the young person for part of the initial assessment after this I meet exclusively with the young person. Each counselling session lasts around 50 minutes.


The client’s thoughts and feelings are private, and I will not share these with anyone. I can, however, speak to any adult on behalf of a young person if necessary and agreed by the young person.


If I am told by a young person that they are in danger or at risk, or they intend to harm someone, or that they know someone at risk, then action will be taken to help to resolve the situation.   


Issues to be brought to counselling can be:

Bullying, anxiety, low mood, anger, grief, exam stress, parent separation, sexuality, gender, identity, loneliness, developmental trauma, abuse (of any kind), and attachment disorders.

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