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There are many ways in which relationship/couples therapy can help.  It may be a specific issue happening which couples want to explore or something that has happened such as a disagreement or wanting different things in a relationship.  Often partners want to explore a lack of intimacy or issues around one or both partners having an affair.

An important part of the therapy is that both parties are committed to the process and part of this is asking both partners to contact me. If one partner doesn't wish to engage, I am able to offer one to one therapeutic support around relationships for the other partner seeking help.

Benefits from relationship therapy can be helping partners to understand issues and strengthen their relationships. Intimate partners can establish or work on better communication, honesty and trust. It can help improve feelings of security in a relationship, reduce stress and give a couple tools to support them with any future challenges. It can also help those who have chosen to end their relationship and want to separate in an amicable way.

As well as working with partners, I also provide support for other relationships such as difficulties between family members, work colleagues and friends.

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