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Clinical supervision

As a qualified, Integrative Clinical Supervisor, I provide one to one and group clinical supervision for experienced and trainee therapists and other professionals. 

I use an integrative and relational approach to help therapists feel at ease and be able to explore their client work in a collaborative, supportive and educative environment. 

Using Shoet and Hawkins 7 eyed model, we will explore;

1) How the client is and looking at what they present in the session.

2) Exploring strategies and interventions used to facilitate the work.

3) Focusing on the relationship between the therapist and client.

4) Exploring what is happening for the therapist, internal processing, transference/counter transference.

5) Focusing on the supervisory relationship, what is going on in the clinical supervision sessions between ourselves i.e. parallel processing.

6) Exploring reactions to what is being brought by the therapist.

7) Focusing on the wider contexts of the work i.e. environment, cultural aspects, wellbeing and ethical framework.


I offer a complimentary initial 20 minute telephone appointment to look at any questions you may have and to explore if we would like to work together.


I also offer reflective practice sessions for frontline workers. As working roles have become increasingly challenging, professionals can find themselves struggling with difficulties such as vicarious trauma, burnout or stress and the impact can be significant on a their health.  Being able to provide a safe, confidential space for professionals to off load, can help to reduce, stress, time off work and provide a sense of wellbeing. 

Supervision for Counsellors is offered fortnightly or monthly and for frontline professionals on a basis to meet their needs.   

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