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Grounding exercises for anxiety

Choose a couple of the categories below and name as many as you can.  You can write down your answers.


       Movies                Countries              Books                              Cereals               Sports Teams

       Colours                Cars                     Fruits & Vegetables       Animals              Cities

       TV Shows            Famous People


Using your senses and name the following;

       5 things you can see

       4 things you can touch

       3 things you can hear

       2 things you can smell

       1 thing you can taste


Whilst sitting in a chair, place your feet flat on the ground and ensure your back is supported.  If it feels safe to close your eyes you can do this, otherwise concentrate on something directly in front of you.  Slowly take a deep breath in to the count of 3, hold the breath to the count of 2, then release the breath slowly to the count of 6. Repeat this for 5 minutes.


Take some exercise e.g. go for a walk, do some housework, go to a yoga or pilates session, or go for a run


Take a shower and turn it to cold for a minute or two.

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